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All of the birds in this section of my website have been photographed in the north-west area of Corfu. This area extends from Roda on the north coast to Paleokastritsa on the west coast, most of the photographs centre in and around the Arillas area. This is not an exhaustive database but it is those species that I have seen and photographed, most of the more common birds are here and I'm continuously updating the database with new photos.

To use the Corfu Birds page is quite simple depending on what you want to find. If you only know the type of bird (e.g. owl, tit, buzzard etc.) you can narrow your search by choosing the relevant GROUP from the drop-down list. This will give you a list of all the birds in the database for that group. If you want to see all the photographs for a particular species, click the 'Search by Name' button and you will then be able to search the whole database by choosing your bird from the NAME drop-down list. Switch between the pages using the button on the right.

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