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The Butterflies of North Corfu

The book, 'Butterflies of North Corfu' by Pete Hardiman

This beautiful book includes all of the stunning butterfly images from the Picture Gallery and is available to purchase via the CONTACT page.

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Use this page to help identify any butterflies you've seen

Based on butterfly colour, this is your first go-to aid to help you identify any of the common butterflies you might discover during your nature adventures in Corfu.

Southern White Admiral (Limenitis reduct

The complete database of Corfu butterfly species

This is a database of photographs of every species that I have found in Corfu. It is very comprehensive but there are still a few species still to be photographed and they will be added as I find them.


Discover what you can expect to see when in Corfu

Many visitors to Corfu hope to see specific species when visiting, this page helps to identify the species that can be found in each month of the year.


A range of unique and beautiful Corfu butterfly pictures.

These images have been created using composites of photographs taken while studying butterflies in Corfu. All of the images in my book 'The Butterflies of North Corfu' can be found here.


Additional online help with the butterflies of Corfu

While there is a lot of useful information on this site concerning Corfu Butterflies, you might want to look more in-depth at specific species. These links provide access to other useful websites.

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